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    A simple, easy to use  VPN for iPhone & iPad.
Best for public WiFi protection, encrypt your data and keep snooping hackers out!

How to Setup e-VPN on Android

  1. Download and install e-VPN’s app for Android from Google Play Store
  2. Launch e-VPN app on your Android device and login with your credentials.
  3. Once you’ve logged in, select your desired country from the server locations list.
  4. Click Connect, it will take few seconds to establish a connection.
  5. Once connected, you can minmise the app and start browsing the web.

Android VPN Features

Strong Encryption

We use AES 128-bit encryption by default to protect the Tunnel.
You can switch between AES 128 or 256-bit encryption within the App.

Dual Stack IPv4 & IPv6

You can connect to our VPN servers via IPv4 or IPv6, once connected we provide you with both IPv4 & IPv6 addresses.

Connect from Any Device

We have simple easy to use apps for  Mac, Windows, Linux, IOS, Android, and Firestick TV.

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Never Logging

We have a clear and simple no log policy. Your activity is never logged, you are 100% anonymous with e-VPN online.

Stealth VPN

e-VPN’s Stealth Mode allows you to avoid Firewall Blocking of VPN connections, our stealth mode can bypass the toughest Firewalls.


Our AdStop feature blocks online tracking, ads and malware advertising. Enjoy faster page loads and a cleaner web.

Global Server Network

Each location is equiped with:

  1.   1Gbps Advanced VPN Firewall.
  2.  Smart DNS Based Loadbalancer and Health Checker.
  3.  Dual-Stack IPv6 & IPv4 Support Tunnel.
  4.  Full Disk Encryption with Writing Logs to Disk Disabled.
  5.  Built in Ad Blocker DNS Service.


Top 3 Android VPN use cases

Public WiFi Protection

Hackers can mimic known public WiFi networks by broadcasting a network with the same SSID, once your device connects to their network they will start logging all your activity, they can log things like; sites you visit, passwords you enter and more. By using a VPN for iPhone it will prevent this, a VPN will securely encrypt all your data, encrypted data is useless to a hacker.

Unblock Geo-Restricted Content

When you travel abroad you may find you can no longer access certain content from your home country due to Geo-Restrictions, popular streaming services such as Netlfix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu and more have restricted their content to only certain countries. By using a VPN it will make it appear as if you where phsyically in the connected country thus bypassing the Geo-filter.

Bypass Goverment Censorship

Goverments and ISP in certain countries heavly censors the internet by blockng acccess to sites as services such as; Facebook, Skype, Instragram, Porn Sites, News Sites, WhatsApp, Youtube and more. A VPN can bypass this censorship by encrypting and routing your data through another country, the Goverment and ISPs are blind when you are connected to a VPN.