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Privacy Policy


Information we collect from customers:

Billing Information

We do not store your credit or debit card information on our servers.  All payment information is stored by a third-party payment provider who is contractually obligated to keep all data confidential.Your information is encrypted and secured.

Email Address

Email addresses are collected for the purpose of account management, your email address will never be given away or sold. We will use it to contact you about payments or service issues.

Data we collect from the website:

Google Analytics data is used to create a better customer experience on our website.  You can choose not to have this data collected on you by opting out via Google’s Opt-out Plugin.

Data we collect from our VPN Servers:

Wedo not collect information on user activity, user IP addresses, user bandwidth usage, or user log-in/log-out times. We do collect information on raw bandwidth usage of the servers WAN Interface(total data up/down per day) so that we can optimize our VPN service in order to deliver the best possible speeds to our customers.

By using this website and/or services, you agree that you consent to this privacy policy.  This policy may change without notice.

Last updated: January 2019