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Our Infrastructure

VPN Servers

Physical Or Virtual: Baremetal
Encrypted Disk: Yes
Boot Password: Yes
Logging No: Writing to disk is disable on every single node.

Authentication Servers

We host two authentication servers in HA cluster, one in the UK and one in the USA. If one goes down the other will take over. When you connect to our VPN service, the VPN node contacts the cluster of authentication servers, they check if you have paid your bill. If you have paid your bill you will be allowed to connect.

Does your authentication servers keep time stamps and IP addresses? No!
Here’s snippet without revealing to much:

I personally paid the company who built the code for the authentication servers to make an Anonymous mode which deletes all information after 5 minutes. I tried to get them to make this 0 minutes , but they advised that it will be impossible to trouble shoot any issues if they where to occur.

You can contact them here: Website ,  ask them who made them release this feature. You can find it in there change log – Version 1.6.0 (2018-06-27)


Service Availability and Monitoring

We use SNMPv3 to monitor the Uptime and the total incoming and outgoing traffic on the WAN interface of our VPN servers. The bandwidth data lets us know when we need to add more servers in a certain location.


We also monitor the availability of e-VPN’s core services so we can quickly react to any issues-


DNS Cluster in UK, USA and Asia:

Web app and authentication clusters: