Do you allow P2P

All servers are P2P friendly

 Does your VPN work in countries that are censoring traffic?

Yes, we have a Stealth Mode for this, please refer to this KB.

 Does your VPN work with Netflix?

Yes, only from the UK server.

 How do I upgrade my subscription?

From the client area home page, select your active product Select upgrade from the manage product...

 How many devices am I allowed to connect at the same time?

You may connect up to 10 devices at the same time. 

 Under what jurisdiction is your service?

e-VPN is owned and operated by Oliver Tech Limited, a company registered in Seychelles Company...

 What can I do if my ISP blocks my connection to your VPN Service?

We have multiple protocols that you can try, if TCP/UDP 443 doesn't get you through then try...

 Where do I find my VPN username and password?

From the client area home page select your subscription under Your Active Products/Services:  On...

 Will I receive many emails from you?

You will receive a welcome email when you first signup and any urgent announcements. We will not...