GLi GL-MT300N Mini VPN Router Setup Guide

  1. Download our customized config file, it contains custom settings in order to get things working smoothly. - Link

  2.  Follow the instructions for the first time setup here or read the manual.

  3. Once the device has been set up, log in and select advanced settings:

    Select advanced settings

  4.  Log in with the password you set during the first time setup, leave the username as root.

  5.  Select the drop-down menu system and then click on Backup/Firmware Flash

  6.  Now it's time to restore the device with our custom config, click on choose file next to "restore backup" and upload the file you downloaded from step 1

  7.  The device will reboot, the following will have changed;
    New Password:changeme
    New Root Password: changeme
    New Wifi Name:
    New Wifi Password: changeme

  8. Connect back to the device using the new wifi details or plug it into your computer using the LAN port, browse to the IP   and log in with the password changeme 

  9. Update the web access password, set it to something secure. 

  10. Time to update the root password, click advanced settings, log in with the username root and password changeme. 
    Click on the drop-down menu system and then select administration

    Enter a new root password and click save and apply( again set something secure):

  11. We now need to update the wifi password and SSID
    Log out of the advanced menu and return to the normal user menu, just browse back to the IP of the router

    Next, select Wireless settings and set up a new wifi password and SSID 

  12. Reconnect back to the device once the wifi details have been updated, select OpenVPN,  download our OpenVPN config files, import the openvpn file and enter the username and password.

  13. Now you can connect the device to a Wifi Hotspot, 3/4G dongle, LAN network, and mobile USB tethering.
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