Do you log/monitor my activity? What logs do you keep on servers?


Our VPN servers have writing logs to disk disabled, we keep no logs of your activity period.

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Does your VPN work in countries that are censoring traffic?

Yes, we have a Stealth Mode for this, please refer to this KB.

Will I receive many emails from you?

You will receive a welcome email when you first signup and any urgent announcements. We will not...

What can I do if my ISP blocks my connection to your VPN Service?

We have multiple protocols that you can try, if TCP/UDP 443 doesn't get you through then try...

How many devices am I allowed to connect at the same time?

You may connect up to 15 devices with your shared Team.

Do you allow P2P/Torrenting?

P2P/Torrenting is not permitted on our network.

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