Currently, e-VPN utilizes virtual private servers and whilst the performance is good due to our highly optimized OpenVPN settings. During peak times things can tend to slow down drastically and it's not a good fit for my plans for e-VPN. I want the service to be fast 24/7 365. I have now purchased dedicated servers with a premium data center, they only work with tier 1 providers. This switch will result in low latency and blazing fast speeds for all users 24/7.

This will drastically improve:

  • Streaming 
  • Torrenting 
  • Gaming
  • Internet Browsing Experience
  • Security

However, this does mean I have to reduce the number of locations e-VPN advertise, to operate such a premium service for 30+ locations will be very costly. The locations we will cover until further growth are:

  • UK London
  • US LA 
  • US Miami 
  • Germany
  • Netherlands 
  • Canda 

These locations were picked because they were used the most, the rest of the locations sat idle for some months. The new servers are being built and will be ready sometime next week. I will make an announcement once the servers are live, If you are unhappy about the future changes please get in touch and we can work out a refund.

Kind Regards

Sunday, April 7, 2019

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