New Dedicated Servers Live!

Enjoy fast speeds :)

13th Apr 2019
Android, Android TV, FireStick/TV and IOS 2.0 remake coming soon!

Shortly after the release of 1.6 for the desktop software, I will be working on the release of 2.0 for all mobile/TV apps.  Estimated release date will be 31st of May, I will make sure all the new apps are stable, highly optimized for speed and most important user-friendly across all devices.  There are some known nuances with the current apps ... Read More »

9th Apr 2019
New US LA dedicated server in configuration in progress!

I am currently in the progress of configuring the new Los Angeles dedicated server.  I hope to have all the new servers configured and live by the 12th. You should see some great speeds with these new servers, I am configuring these servers from scratch with new optimized settings for the fastest speeds possible.  Many Thanks Davanne Founder Read More »

9th Apr 2019
Server locations update , Must Read!

Currently, e-VPN utilizes virtual private servers and whilst the performance is good due to our highly optimized OpenVPN settings. During peak times things can tend to slow down drastically and it's not a good fit for my plans for e-VPN. I want the service to be fast 24/7 365. I have now purchased dedicated servers with a premium data center, they ... Read More »

7th Apr 2019
DNS Server Update

Our private DNS servers were updated yesterday to fix slow loading of Webpages in Google chrome, if you have any issues or noticing any websites you visit frequently is being blocked please get in touch. 

27th Mar 2019
US Netflix is working now with all mobile apps. (UK server)

You should now be able to stream Netflix from Android TV, Amazon Firestick, Android Mobile, IOS and any other mobile device. 
If you want any streaming service unblocked, please raise a ticket and I will see what I can do.

22nd Mar 2019
Feedback wanted, what streaming service would you like?

Is there any particular streaming service you would like the VPN to unblock?

Open a ticket with your suggestions!

16th Feb 2019
New update for desktop apps coming soon!

I am happy to announce I will be releasing a new update for the desktop applications sometime this week. The update will contain some important bug fixes, but also improve the overall user's experience.  

Stay tuned!

11th Feb 2019