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About Us

 Davanne Oliver Founder of e-VPN – Linkedin  was founded by my self, Davanne, a 24-year-old Infrastructure/Network Security Engineer. I have over 6+ years of experience working in London as an IT Infrastructure/Network Security engineer. I am an IT Networking enthusiast and entrepreneur at heart, thus this is the reason I decided to run a VPN service. The goal is to provide a reliable, secure, fast and very much affordable VPN service to users across the world.

I started constructing the infrastructure for e-VPN in December 2017 and went live with the service in May 2018. Currently, the service has only 1 employee which is me. As the founder, there is one thing I can guarantee to every single user of e-VPN is their anonymity/privacy. e-VPN is truly a 100%  no log VPN service, our VPN & radius servers have writing logs to disk disabled.

I hope this helps to provide some transparency regarding e-VPN and thank you to all our customers we appreciate your business.