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Protect Yourself With A Premium High Speed VPN Service

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Military Level Encryption

We start the connection with a 4096 bit RSA encrypted handshake.  The data is protected with AES 128 GCM bit encryption which is impossible to intercept.

Blazing Fast Servers

1 Gbps Connection Per VPN server. We want to make sure you have the most bandwidth available to you, so it was like you was never connected to a VPN internet access.

Connect from Any Device

We have easy to use apps for  Mac, Windows, Linux, IOS, Android, and Firestick TV. Get connected to fast VPN servers in a matter of just two clicks or if you prefer we make our OpenVPN config files available for you to download. Protect all your devices now with cheap VPN deals from $2.50/mo, the cheapest VPN with the most features around.

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Never Logging

We keep No Logs Period! Your security/privacy is our highest priority, high speed and bandwidth is a bonus. Writing to disk is disabled on all our VPN servers. The cheapest VPN with the most security, if you want to stay anonymous online buy VPN now!

Stealth VPN

Stealth VPN is available in all our custom VPN apps. The stealth VPN allows you to avoid firewall blocks of VPN traffic, our stealth mode can bypass the toughest Firewalls.
Including one of the toughest of them all, the Great Firewall of China!

AD/Malware blocker

Our VPN network blocks ads, trackers and malware ads. So if you are visiting an untrusted site be sure to use our VPN. Sites such as watch series, 1movies and more contain spammy malware ads.

   Protect Yourself With A Premium High Speed VPN Service

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Ultimate Safety and Speed

We use the best quality servers. All of our VPN servers come with 1 Gbps connections. This reduces latency, improves high speed and performance for our users. With advanced load balancing technologies, we evenly distribute users across our secure VPN servers so that no single server is ever saturated. All connections are encrypted with military-grade encryption, we aim to provide a premium level VPN service in the UK at a very affordable cost. We offer a hybrid VPN which allows you to unblock popular streaming sites from any server

How We Protect You Online

Whilst connected to our VPN servers the data transmission between your device and our VPN servers are encrypted with military level encryption. This prevents anyone from sniffing(read) your data. We share IP addresses among our users, this means if 50 people are connected to one server they will all share the same Public IP address. With 100% no logging it is impossible to isolate any users activity. So with our VPN service, your data is secured and your identity is 100% anonymous.